Mr FloodBuster live on Web-Cam to assist YOU with YOUR Basement Waterprofing installation

This is a brand new service as of Easter 2017.

We now offer ‘Mr FloodBuster’ web-cam support to all of our customers.

Anyone purchasing our products for DIY installation can benefit from our new ‘Mr FloodBuster’ web-cam support service.

Initially we are offering up to one hour per customer, FREE OF CHARGE, web-cam support via Skype, Facetime (for i-phone users) or Facebook Messenger.  This hour does not have to be taken all at once, you will benefit most from have 15 – 20 minutes for each of the preparation, installation and finishing stages.  We can even take a look at your basement BEFORE you order helping to ensure that you order the right products in the first place!

The offer is for us to watch you in your own basement where we will be able to see YOUR project live, see the obstacles and problems that you have to overcome and to guide you to not only doing it right first time but doing it in the most efficient way.  We believe that watching you (or your hired help) in your basement is better than having you watch a video of someone else’s basement which will not necessarily have the same details to get right, and it will allow us to address your specific concerns and answer your questions in real time!

This service is by appointment only and subject to availability, normally 48 hours notice will be required but this may vary subject to demand.

In order to avail yourself or Mr FloodBuster’s expertise simply request the service by e-mail to:-

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2 thoughts on “Mr FloodBuster live on Web-Cam to assist YOU with YOUR Basement Waterprofing installation

  1. Hi,

    I see the ABS system is cheaper than waterguard. Is the installation the same? How far down and how wide do you need to dig to install them. Also do you slope the drain or how does water feed to the sump pump or sewer? Do you carrier the barrier vapor material for the walls also?

    • Hi Chad,

      The installation of Waterguard and ABS BaseDrain are pretty similar.
      Whichever channel you choose, you need to dig a trench 4″ deep 5″ wide.
      The main difference is that Waterguard has an open top flange which allows water to drain off the wall into the channel.
      There is a separate optional flange with BaseDrain which needs to be ordered separately, there are pros and cons relating to having / not having a flange, and I can give further explanations if you need me to.
      There is no need to put the channel on a slope as the water flow is created by the drain outlet, in the same way that a dead horizontal billiard table would still be unable to retain any depth of water poured onto it as it would all drain down the holes at either end of the table.
      To drain the water from the channel to the sump pit: – For Waterguard you need the Waterguard Drain outlet and for BaseDrain the BaseDrain outlet. I will e-mail you the installation guides on both systems in order to help you further.

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