Where to buy Waterguard Drainage Channel in the USA

“Can you Buy Waterguard for DIY basement waterproofing in America?”

This is the question that we are asked most often, and the answer is “YES WE DO deliver Waterguard to the USA and Canada”.  And we do it from a location right on your doorstep!  just seven hours away by UPS plane – the UK.

Buy Waterguard in the USA

Waterguard crosses the pond in just 7 hours

The question is understandable though because it sounds too good to be true, at least to those people who understand the benefits of the Waterguard system but do not want to pay one of the professional Basement Systems Installers to install it for them.

For the DIY Basement Waterproofer, finding out that YES, you CAN buy the Waterguard Basement Drainage System for DIY use in America  (and Canada) is a bit like finding the Holy Grail of DIY Basement Waterproofing products.  Or, on a more practical level it is like finding a cheque* in the post for $7,500.00 made out to you, the homeowner,  for managing a 2 – 3 day project waterproofing your own basement.   That is because by installing the Waterguard perimeter Basement Drainage Channel yourself as opposed to paying a professional Certified Basement Systems Installer to do it for you, can actually save you that much money on a typical 120ft basement waterproofing project..

If you are reading this you probably know already that the Basement Systems Installers charge something in the region of $75.00 per linear foot to supply and install Waterguard for you, so a 120ft perimeter basement will cost around $9,000.00.  Now that you know that you can buy the Waterguard System for DIY use, and that 120ft of Waterguard, with a typical range of Waterguard Accessories (Drain outlet, corner pieces etc), including shipping to your door will cost a little over $1,000.00, you will need to pay for some tools and some sand, cement and stone, and maybe pay for the rubble disposal if you can’t find a use for it, so all in you should still have change out of $1,500.00.

Even if you hired some labour locally, say six days worth @$150.00/day that still give you an installation cost of less than $2,500.00 and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty (although you would probably want to).

So, how does it come to be that you CAN buy the Waterguard System in the USA when you have probably been told by your local Basement Systems Installer that you can’t and everywhere you have looked (so far) you have found that to be true.  Well, it is true that the Waterguard System along with most other Basement Systems’ products are indeed only sold to professional Basement Waterproofing Contractors in the USA and Canada, Basement Systems DO NOT sell these products directly to the homeowner or through any other trade or retail outlet, that is why you will not find Waterguard available for sale over any trade counter within the USA.  However the Waterguard System is exported to the UK in bulk and IS available to anyone who wants to buy it in the UK and we are located in the UK and we ship it to you by airfreight door to door…

And that answers the second most frequently asked question ‘Where are you guys located?…..”  But that’s another story.

*that is the correct English spelling for the word check  btw!