Can I buy Waterguard Basement Drainage Channel to Install myself?

Can I buy Waterguard Basement Drainage Channel to Install myself?

The simple answer is yes you can!

Many homeowners believe that you can only get Waterguard basement drainage channel as a fully installed system from one of the Basement Systems’ network of professional installers.

Whilst this may suit many, some want to avoid paying $75.00 - $125.00 per ft but would rather install the system themselves (or get their local builder to do it) and save money.

Waterproofing your flooded basement is easier than you might think. Many of our customers are homeowners who have successfully installed the WaterGuard system themselves for the first and only time and, in so doing, have saved themselves many thousands of Dollars compared with a Basement Systems’ contractor installation.

We are the only company that sells the Waterguard System directly to homeowners in the USA and Canada for DIY installation. We ship direct from the UK by air freight, and with our expedited shipping, you can have the Waterguard System delivered to your door in as little as a few days with no sales tax or import duty to pay.

In addition to the WaterGuard channel, we offer a full range of Waterguard accessories, including Waterguard drain outletsWaterguard corner pieces, Waterguard inspection ports and Waterguard jointing tape.

Waterguard comes in two versions: -

  • The regular Waterguard has a built-in wall drain (flange), which accepts water from the face of the foundation wall and prevents puddles from forming on the basement floor.
  • The flangeless version of Waterguard has many uses, including cross-floor channels and dealing with leaking floor cracks, for when the floor slab is too thin to accommodate a 4” deep rebate over the footer and when the basement walls are dry.

We have produced a DIY Waterguard Installation Guide, which explains how to install Waterguard yourself in four easy stages. You can order your copy of this free Waterguard Installation Guide here.

In addition to this, you can schedule a free telephone or webcam appointment with an experienced WaterGuard installer on our Contact Us page.

So now you no longer have to put up with your basement being flooded, nor do you have to spend a fortune fixing it!

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