Triplesafe Sump Pump System Troubleshooting

Triplesafe Sump Pump System Troubleshooting

The Triplesafe Sump and pump System is a Basement Systems Brand.

When this system was launched in the early noughties it was considered to be the best that the industry had to offer but for us it became obsolete when we developed the FloodBuster Tri-safe to replace it.

Many of our previous customers approach us seeking with troubleshooting the Triplesafe:-

Typical problems that affect the Triplesafe sump and pump system are: -

1.  Excess noise from the pumps

2.  Excess heat generated by pumps

3.  Pumps clogging with lime scale

4. Corrosion of the cast iron body of the pumps

5.  Water ingress into the switch housing causing the electrics to fail.

6.  Constant dripping from the horizontal valve serving the 12v battery pump

7.  Back up battery does not hold charge for very long in a power outage

8.  Back up pump fails to pump water when it should (usually due to air locks).

9.  Silting of the sump chamber

10.  Impeller fails to turn when the pump should be running

11.  Sticky float switches on pumps

12.  Alarm won't stop sounding off even when there is no problem

13.  Alarm fails to sound when it should.

14.  Screw bolts holding the lid down are rusted and difficult to undo

15.  Valves clogged or otherwise failing to open when they should

16.  Excess water spraying out of the side of the valves when the pumps run.

17.  Leaking joints in discharge pipe.

18.  Glugging sound from pipe work after pumps have run.

19.  Freezing of discharge lines preventing pumps from evacuating water in frozen weather.

20.  Difficulty concealing pipes and wires when you want to finish the basement and utilize 100% of your valuable floor space.

It can be expensive to call out a service engineer typically $200 - $300 yet most problems that can be solved on site are easy to solve - provided that you know what you are doing.

As long as you can use a screwdriver, hammer and a wrench you can do pretty much everything that a service engineer would do.  

A wet vac and some sponges and wire wool are also useful especially if there is a lot of silt in the sump pit and limescale and / or corrosion on the pumps.


But of course knowing WHAT to do is the important thing and for that we have created a new specialist service.

For just $29.00 USD you can schedule a web-cam or telephone appointment with someone who has been installing, selling and servicing Triplesafe sump and pump systems from the day they were launched.  For just $29.00 you can have up to 30 minutes with a real experienced expert and save yourself $'00's in call out fees!

If you need spare parts we can either supply them or help you find them locally and if you decide to upgrade to a new FloodBuster Tri-safe the service is free and you will be refunded the $29.00!





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