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Crawl Space Systems
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THERMA-DRY WALL MEMBRANE 375ft2 (83.33ft x 4ft6")
It has new larger and more widely spaced dimples on the back for better drainage and better thermal insulation. Being integrally insulated it does not run the same risk of suffering from condensation as do simple dimpled HDPE membranes like Newton and Delta.
Waterguard jointing tape 10m roll

Single sided reinforced grey tape.  Sticks to wet plastic, so is ideal for Waterguard installation.

The tape should be applied to the top and the front of the channel, there is no need to apply it to the bottom or the back.  for partial system where there the Waterguard channel has open ends a few strips of tape should be used to close off the open ends - see our Waterguard installation guide for full details.

One 10m roll is sufficient to install up to 120 ft of Waterguard Channel as supplied in 3'9" lengths so there will be plenty left over after a single installation.  The tape has many uses.

 Waterproofing membranes for Crawl Spaces and Basement Walls / Floors