Refund of customs charges Special Offer - USA only

There is no USA State sales tax on imports - but Customs sometimes charges import duty on orders over $799.00 USD, typically 3%, or $48.00 on a $1,600 order.

This is not a shipping charge and the customer is required to pay this to the courier prior to delivery however...

The good news is that we are offering to refund the full amount of any customs charges during 2021!
(Amounts over $100.00 will require our prior approval).

In order to qualify for the refund, simply upload a few photographs or video clips of your installation when you rate our customer service for which you will be sent an invitation and email us your receipt for the customs charges.

 We will refund the amount to your original payment method.  (NOTE:- If the amount exceeds $100.00 you need to email to us the customs charge for us to pay directly as the maximum we can refund under this scheme is $100.00)

There are no catches, no need to sign up for anything and your privacy is totally protected,  you can even  leave a review anonymously if you wish.

We want your honest opinion so that we can continue to improve our customer service and we will use a selection of photographs and video clips to produce informative material to help future customers.

In fact this very initiative was taken as a result of such customer feedback, if it proves to be popular we will make it permanent - what do you think?

Many thanks for your custom, and we look forward to serving you better!

Free Shipping is available on orders of $300.00 or more.