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No more unsightly hole in the basement floor. No more flimsy sump lid with pipes and wires sticking out of it, taking up space and looking unsightly. No more struggling with rusty screw or bolts to lift the lid. No other sump liner and lid is anything like the FloodBuster, it has to be seen to be believed......
The ALL NEW FLOODBUSTER - Tri-safe: - Twin liner, twin mains pumps plus battery pump
Thie FloodBuster Tri-Safe is a three pump system, designed to provide the home owner with the greatest peace of mind and was designed with the high quality finished basement in mind. It includes a whole host of features and accessories which you will not find anywhere else. Don't leave it to chance - leave it to FloodBuster!
Triplesafe Sump Pump System Troubleshooting -Expert online 30 min appointment (1)

Triplesafe sump pump troubleshooting via online remote appointment.

Our experienced staff can safe you  hundreds of '$$$'s in call out charges and servicing fees.

Simply complete the checkout process and select the time-slot which is most convenient for you from our online schedule.

The features which we have designed into the FloodBuster will not be found find in combination in any other sump system. The sump and pump is the heart of any basement waterproofing system based on the drainage method. Don't leave it to chance - leave it to FloodBuster!
Translucent / Tinted Sump lid for the FloodBuster
Our new and innovative see-through sump lid for the FloodBuster sump system. This lid is made from translucent High Impact Acrylic and can support the weight of more people than you could possibly fit on it. It is tinted yet see through a feature which can be enhanced by the optional remote control LED underwater lighting system.
High Water Level Alarm
This is an audible buzzer which sounds off when the sensor gets wet indicating a high water level in the sump chamber.
ABS Power pump
This eco-friendly submersible sump pump pumps more water and uses less electricity than than other pumps in it's class. This is due to less friction inside the precision engineered pump mechanism which also means less noise and less heat. Less heat means less limescale build up and the stainless steel body is corrosion resistant. Quietly pumps over 3 litres per second to an 8ft head. Twin vertical operation float switch for extra reliability. Control box with telephone dial out connectivity (dialler not included). 3 years manufacturer's warranty.
Zoeller M53 110v mains pump
This 1/3rd horse power Zoeller cast iron pump has been an industry standard workhorse for decades.  An excellent choice for those wanting to combine reliability with a budget price. It is compatible with the FloodBuster Sump liner and lid. Will pump over 2,000 gph at 8ft head
Flood-Buster 12v Battery Back up System
This 12v Battery back-up sump pump system is incredibly neat and comes in three versions. Basic price £299.00 is for Mini- main picture show the Midi (£349.00) - our most popular version and $399.00 for the Maxi 3,000gph. All FloodBuster battery back up systems are available at a 50% discount when bought with the FloodBuster single or FloodBuster Twinsafe sump and pump Systems.
Bubbler Pot for soak-away
This helps disperse the discharge water if you cannot connect to a main drain.
In-line check valve with quiet operation
This in-line check valve is designed to fit with 50mm discharge pipe. It has a see through casing so you can see the operation of the valve and check that it is clear of debris without disconnecting it. The flap is well dampenned with rubber padding and a spring mechanism to give an extremely quiet operation.