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This is The ...New Improved Therma-Dry Mk II.

For waterproofing basement floors, walls and crawl spaces

It has two layers of extra strong closed air bubbles on the back for better compressive strength and better thermal insulation.

You can lay a 300mm thick concrete slab directly over it if you want!

Being integrally insulated it does not run the same risk of suffering from condensation as do simple dimpled HDPE membranes like Newton and Delta.

This is Space Age Technology coupled with some down - to Earth  common sense - and a down to earth price!

Using ThermalDry membrane as a floor of choice is a win - win situation: -

 > The client gets a warmer basement - even the living rooms above can be warmer as a result of the reflected radiant heat!

 > The installer gets the job done in double quick time and with the minimum of fuss, saving TIME and MONEY!

Thermal-Dry takes a lot less labour to install as compared with the heaveir HDPE membranes...

Being ultra - lightweight and  only 1.2m wide x 16.5m long  it is...

 > very easy to handle,

 > easy to cut fold and join;

 > no need for a screed overly - you can lay a wood laminate finishor carpet directly over the membrane.

If you have never installed this product before, you must experience it to appreciate the benefits, once you have, you will never want to install another HDPE membrane again - leave that for the Dinosaurs!

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Condition New
Weight 14kg


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