Waterguard Perimeter Basement Drainage Channel 60ft / Box


Important information

Your sump and pump is the heart of your Basement Waterproofing System.
Don't make the mistake of using a cheap model.

The FloodBuster (TM) Sump and Pump System  has been designed with special features which make it the best in it's class.

Finishing your basement?

You will need a vapour barrier to protect the Sheetrock from mold caused by humidity.
Most vapor barriers are made of plastic, they get cold and and prone to condensation.
(TM))  It provides a dual role of vapor check and thermal insulator and avoids the risk of condensation occurring.


Perimeter Drainage Channel

For Basement Waterproofing

This channel collects water from the wall floor joint and directs it to the sump chamber.
It sits above the footer and so will not block with dirt and silt like a drain tile system can.
It has a special flange which allows water to be collected from the face of the foundation wall and directs it into the channel below floor level.

See the videos on the links below (not our own productions).

Waterguard video 1

Waterguard video 2

Normally this product is only available to preferred 'Basement systems' contractors but thanks to our unique position in the marketplace we are able to supply the home owner and general contractor directly.  As far as we are aware we are the only business to be able to do this, enabling our customers to save $'000's on installation costs!

This listing is for a box of 8 lengths each  7'6" total 60ft

Want to save $81.00?  You can buy to boxes of 30ft (16 shorter lengths of 3'9") for just $399.00

Condition New
Weight 17kg


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